From East Tennessee to East Africa, God has made a seemingly winding road perfectly straight. 

Jason and Ree'L both grew up together in Appalachia and attended East Tennessee State University, studying biology and mathematics respectively.  Thereafter, they split ways to pursue their Master’s Degrees – an MS in Biomedical Sciences at Texas Tech for Jason, and an MBA at Georgia Tech for Ree’L.

From 2005-2009, Jason attended Medical School at the University of Tennessee in Memphis.  During this time, God used a trip to Sudan and leaders at an inner-city clinic to start to change Jason's intended itinerary and point him to a life of missions. 

Simultaneously, Ree’L started her career in business  with Clarkston Consulting, working in the Consumer Products and Life Sciences industries.  

In 2007, they finally tied the knot - that was 22 or so years after meeting in kindergarten. 

Jason completed his Internal Medicine + Pediatrics residency at Los Angeles County Hospital (LAC-USC), serving one of the largest underserved populations in the country.  He intentionally selected to do a combined residency such that he can meet the needs of both children and adults while serving abroad.

While in Los Angeles, God led Ree’L to Union Rescue Mission, a Christian-based homeless shelter, on Skid Row to serve for two years in the development organization while on sabbatical from consulting. 

In 2012, they welcomed a then 3 year old Sylis into their family. 

Throughout the years, God provided short-term opportunities in Sudan, Haiti, Nicaragua and Malawi to lay the foundation for long-term service.  Both of them are humbled at the privilege to share the love of Jesus with those in Kenya.

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