Life of Sy

August is a big month for our family.  During this single month we celebrate both, Sylis’ birthday and his adoption day.  He turns 8 today, August 13th, and his day of official adoption is August 22nd.  Since being grafted in to the branch of our family, he has been a never-ending grab bag of enjoyment and surprises. 

Many of you have had the pleasure in meeting him, and having him unload on you whatever it is that he has read within the last month.  But, for those of you who have not exchanged pleasantries, I’ll try to give you a brief snapshot of our son. 

He is a voracious reader and has an unquenchable curiosity.  We could probably change his last name from Brotherton to Britannica.  Although his favorite thing to read right now is Harry Potter, he has not met a book that he did not like.  He will consume anything that you put in front of him, regardless of topic.  What we find him reading most frequently are books about animals.  He loves animals. 

Which brings me to the next thing you should know about him - he is a self-declared vegetarian.  After asking some good questions and getting some answers that didn’t sit too well with him, he stated that he did not want animals to have to die for him to eat.  He has not had an ounce of meat in well over 2 years.  His commitment and conviction are impressive, especially in light of the fact that bacon was essentially his comfort food.  At present his favorite foods are black bean burgers and pesto.  Thankfully, mommy makes some of the best.

He thoroughly enjoys playing games.  Many mornings before I go to work and nights before bed are spent playing Scrabble, Trouble, UNO and Africa Trumps (thanks Jennifer).  He recently taught himself how to play chess, and after taking it upon himself to teach me, we play.  A lot.  Of course, I win but there have been several instances where I have “fallen asleep at the wheel” and he beat me soundly.  He knows that if he can get to me before the coffee kicks in, his chances of victory increase greatly.

I could write pages of attributes and stories of our young son with the old soul (literally, at times I think he’s an 80 year old man trapped in that now 8 year old body), but I will conclude with this; his ability to adjust.  We weren’t his first family, and since becoming part of ours, he has been in three different locations and as many schools. Yet, he has seamlessly taken it in stride.  He easily acclimated to life here, but as with the other transitions, it has taken him away from his previous environments.  In some instances, leaving his previous environment was for the best; in others, we are not so sure.  We do know, though, change has had an impact – for example, he has stated, he would really like to have a lifelong “best friend.”  However, all-in-all, he has a tirelessly positive outlook on life and change.

Therefore, we ask you to join us in celebrating the Life of Sy and his adoption.  Pray that we would have the wisdom to care for and shepherd his young heart and mind.  Pray that he would continue to be adaptable and find confidence in this unique quality.  Pray that when there seems to be no justice anywhere, he would develop a keen sense of justice that grows out of respect, responsibility and reconciliation.  Pray that he finds a best friend here.  Lastly, as our adopted son, pray that he fully embraces his adoption by the Most High.

Now, I must go, as part of his birthday celebration is disassembling a broken iron…

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