Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are you doing in rural Kenya?
A: While working in the local 300 bed hospital, Jason is also helping develop and teach a residency program for African trained doctors. Ree’L is supporting various community activities and providing supplementary home schooling for Sylis.  See more about the need in rural Kenya and our anticipated contribution HERE.

Q: When did you leave, and how long will you be gone?
A: We left the U.S. in February 2016 and plant to invest in this mission for at least 5 years. 

Q: What about Sylis?
A: He is excited about this new adventure and the opportunity to show love to others.  He is currently engaged in language and cultural acquisition training, as well as supplementary schooling.

Q: Why do you need money?  Aren’t you getting paid to do this?
A:  We are not getting paid for our work in Kenya.  We saved much of our earnings before we left the U.S. to help fund our mission, and we were excited to contribute.  That said, we can't do it alone.  We think part of the value of the mission is acting as boots on the ground in partnership with people like you who want to make a difference with your resources.  Your contributions are used for things like food, clothes, health insurance, ground transportation and other daily living expenses for our family, as well as covering expenses related to caring for the people in the community.  

Q:  How much does it cost to live in Rural Kenya?  
A:  Much more than you would expect, or speaking for ourselves, more than we expected.  Some things are cheaper, while others are far more expensive.  Some examples may help to illustrate.  First, health insurance, which probably doesn't need much explanation; as you can imagine, it's a heavy monthly cost living in East Africa to ensure we can be seen at an international hospital.  Foreign taxes are another significant monthly cost - although we are not getting paid for our work, we still must pay these to the local government. Many other items used for daily living are imported which means they carry a hefty price tag.   

Q:  How can I support you?
A:  We cannot make this journey alone!  Please CONNECT WITH US so that we can stay in touch and/or SUBSCRIBE  to our mailing list.  Please remember us in your prayers - we will be updating THE BLOG with imminent prayer needs as they present themselves.  We are left our jobs in the US, and our work in Chogoria is solely funded through financial partners, like you, who desire to contribute to the lives of others.  Thus, we also need FINANCIAL PARTNERS to contribute monthly to cover our expenses.  We appreciate any and all support.

Q: Did you do any preparatory training?
A:  Yes.    Before we left the U.S., we spent several weeks in language and cross-cultural training in Colorado, and Jason did some self-study preparation to care for the various regional illnesses found in East Africa. We are currently in an intensive Swahili training program in Kenya with 2 wonderful language helpers.

Q:  Can we send you items?
A:  Unfortunately not.  We don't have a specific address for where we are living. 

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